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Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Internships

Boyce Carbon provides opportunity for students specializing in Environmental studies both Built and Natural. Boyce in all conditions respects and practices responsible use of natural resources. We strongly believe our well being largely depends the way we use our natural resources. We also believe as human population has increased, natural ecosystems have declined and changes in the balance of natural cycles have a negative impact on both humans and other living systems. We are Boyce encourages students who wish to work on innovative projects that will keep our water, air clean. If you are one of the aspiring and responsible students who wish to get supported, Pl goes through the details below and writes to us for more.

Description of internships :

Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a selected field of study and to learn a variety of research techniques through firsthand experience.

The position is on researching environmental issues, more specifically the trainee ship will be related to water treatment and air purification issues - check http://www.carbonsuppliers.com

The internship is paid :

An individual work plan and/or research programme will be designed for each accepted intern. A combination of research and practical tasks is also possible.

The intern will be a part of Boyce Carbon and dynamic team (we mostly have interns from English, and French language backgrounds - at least one from each at the same time)

Boyce will train and equip students for future careers as environmental professionals.

Qualifications for trainee :


Must be either a current or recently graduated undergraduate or graduate student.

Strong presentation and communication English skills required.

All student recipients should be enrolled in environmental and/or science-related disciplines including, but not limited to, biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, public health have completed at least two years (4 semesters) of undergraduate study in a Engineering degree program by the start of the 2009 summer.

Students who have completed three years of their academic program.

Boyce will provide interns with computers suitable for the performance of their tasks. Boyce will also provide students with the necessary guidance and supervision to ensure a mutually beneficial learning and working process.

Internships are available throughout the year to interested adults seeking environmental experience.

Contact :

How to apply for an internship? Send resume and cover letter to mail@boyce.in

A resume which should contain:

  • Addresses and phone numbers for both college and permanent residence,
  • E-mail address a statement affirming the nationality and permanent resident status of the applicant.
  • Information about the student's education, recent work experiences, and activities and awards.
  • Date of availabilities